The Messengers of The Gospel


Rick and Sarah Apperson

Rick and Sarah Apperson went into training out of The Salvation Army Hazelton-Upper Skeen Circuit and Rick served with the Army in the Bulkley Valley/Houston area. Rick and Sarah have two children, Hanna and Caleb. They felt God’s call on their lives to go into full time ministry 3 years ago.

Jesse Byers

Jesse Byers entered into training from The Salvation Army Yarmouth Community Church from the Maritime Division. She is fulfilling God’s purpose for her life to love God, love others, and preach the gospel. She is thankful for her experiences and relationships that have been fostered during training college.

Dominika Domanska

Dominika Domanska went into training out of Malbork Outpost in Poland. She is enjoying her time in Canada but she knows that it’s just the beginning of her journey. She loves to travel and serve people.

Kristie and Thomas Marsh

Kristie and Thomas came to training college out of Sydney Community Church in Sydney NS. They have one son Simon and another child due in September. They are looking forward to new opportunities to serve the whosoever, wherever they may find themselves.

Barry Austin

Barry Austin went into training college from The Salvation Army Brampton Corps within the Ontario Central East Division. Please pray as I prepare my heart for my commissioning and ordination.

Adriane Cartmell

Adriane Cartmell entered training from the Ottawa Citadel Corps in Ottawa. She has a zest for life and is eager to see how God is at work in this next season. She is looking forward to what the future holds and is grateful for any and all prayers.

Brian Dueck

Brian Dueck entered CFOT from North Vancouver Corps. He and his wife Bethany, who is an officer, have been married for five years. Together they enjoy a good adventure and have a passion to share the hope of Christ. Brian also appreciates more trivial things such as pizza, donuts, the Leafs and thunderstorms.

April Ward

April Ward entered training college out of the Glover’s Harbour Corps in Newfoundland. April answered the call to enter full time ministry in October of 2015 while attending a Youth Conference event in Newfoundland and Labrador as a youth leader.

Andrew Benson

Andrew Benson descended gingerly into training from the awesome Salvation Army Crossroads Corps in Edmonton, Alberta. Fueled by righteous passion for God-sized justice and the love of Jesus, he continues his journey as a follower of Christ now in the context of Salvation Army officership.

Carlos Cuellar and Jenny Marin

Carlos Cuellar and Jenny Marin went into CFOT out of The Salvation Army Richmond Community Church in British Columbia. Carlos and Jenny have two children, Laura Isabel and Carlos Felipe.  Full time ministry is the completion and the beginning of a process that started over 15 years ago when they became Christians. Praise be to GOD.

David and Gina Haggett

David and Gina Haggett have been life-long soldiers of Jesus Christ. Their witness is found in Jeremiah 32:17 – “Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.” Gina and David entered Training from the Ontario Central East Division, and they are indeed, Messengers of the Gospel!

Kaitlyn Young

Kaitlyn Young entered Training College from her home corps in Cobourg Ontario. She is only five years new to The Salvation Army but has experienced so much of it in a short amount of time.  She is eager to begin the adventure that God has in store.

Message a Messenger


Anne Beinker

Anne Beinker came into training college out of the Corps in Hamburg, Germany.  She feels so blessed to be able to train in the Canada and Bermuda territory and looks forward to her ministry back in Germany.

Derek and Angela Kerr

Went into training out of The Salvation Army Meadowlands Corps in Hamilton, Ontario. Derek and Angela have six children: Christopher, Brayden, Timothy, Jordyn, Kaelyn and Kolten. They felt God’s call on their lives to full time ministry after attending the Officership Information Weekend held in 2016.

Matt and Lynnette Trottier

Matt and Lynnette Trottier went into training out of The Salvation Army Hope Community Church in Ajax Ontario. Matt and Lynnette have two teenaged daughters, Abigail and Danielle, and a pre-teen son, Josiah. They felt God’s call on their lives to go into full time ministry as Matt worked as Youth Director and Lynnette served alongside him at Hope Community Church.

Joshua Cain

Joshua Cain came into training college out of the Corps in Vernon BC. God is good and has blessed me in this season. I ask for prayers that God would continue to shape me into the Officer he needs me to become.

Nancy Studiman

Nancy Studiman went into training out of Westsong Community Church in Victoria BC.  After years of wrestling with God’s call to Officership, she surrendered and knows she is right where God would have her to be. She looks forward to her summer assignment and the learning that will take place there!

Kassie Van Every

Kassie came into training out of Mountain Citadel Corps in Hamilton ON. She has a background in children and youth ministry, and is excited to see where God will lead her in this next phase of her ministry journey. She has really enjoyed her training college experience thus far and is grateful to God for the opportunities He has given her.

Andrew Cherry

Andrew Cherry went into training out of the Oshawa Temple Corps in the Ontario Central East Division.  Andrew felt the call to officership at a young age, but received confirmation later on in life.  Before training, Andrew was an elementary school music teacher.

Joel and Lynn Torrens

Joel and Lynn Torrens have come in to training with their 4 year old daughter Kayleigh. Most recently they were supported by and sent out from Sunshine Coast Community Church in Gibsons, British Columbia, and Cariboo Hill Temple, in Burnaby, British Columbia.

Drew Young

Drew Young came out of Cobourg Community Corps in the OCE Division. Drew received his calling to Officership after attending the Commissioning service in Toronto three years ago. One of the most impactful aspects of training for Drew has been the Winnipeg Booth Centre’s Food Truck, which runs every Sunday night to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the community.

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